Dental Care Tips


Healthy Teeth Tips for Kids

Childhood is the most important time to practice good oral health. Try these tips for encouraging your kids to develop and maintain a healthy teeth routine.


Preventing Tartar Build-Up on Your Teeth

You may notice a sticky, yellowish substance on your teeth that causes them to look discolored. That substance is tartar. Tartar often starts at or slightly above the gum line, and continues to build up over time if not properly taken care of. Coffee and tea drinkers, and smokers especially need to treat tartar to […]


Choosing a Raleigh Dentist

Going to the dentist can be an anxiety provoking experience for some. At Glenwood Smiles, we understand how important it is to trust your Raleigh dentist.

raleigh braces-2

Raleigh Braces

Gaps and crooked teeth are embarrassing. Our Raleigh dentist offers different braces options to help align your teeth and straighten your smile in the best way for you.


Cleaning Your Invisible Braces

Invisible braces have become more and more popular over the years. People can get straighter teeth without the embarrassing metal mouth look. Like traditional braces, you have to keep your teeth and invisible braces as clean as possible.

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