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Smile! It’s Public Health Week

The first full week of April is Public Health Week which aims to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation.


How Often Should You Schedule a Teeth Cleaning?

Making time to visit your dentist in Raleigh may be a challenge if you are juggling work, family, friends, gym visits, travel, and other routine healthcare appointments all around the Triangle. How much time do you really need to dedicate at your dentist’s office?


Tips to Make Your Teeth Whiter

When discoloration of your smile is a concern, our dentists in Raleigh have prepared a few tips to help make your teeth whiter in between professional cleanings.

Kids Teeth Family Dentist Raleigh

Kid’s Tooth Development Chart

While every child is different, kids typically start to develop their baby teeth around 6-12 months and their adult teeth around age 6. The following chart outlines when you can expect to see your child’s teeth development over time.

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